Sandouchon pollo saltado (chicken)

Marinated grilled chicken, lettuce, red onion cooked, maple sauce, sweet potato chips


Sandouchon lomo saltado (beef)

Beef (sirloin), lettuce, red onion cooked, huancaina sauce, hickory smoked chips


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2014 MAY7

@ Les Cours Mont-Royal Sandouchon grand opening 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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Our story

It’s in July 2013 that Mr. Eric Reátegui Rocha, having a great interest in the restaurant industry, approached Marcel Olivier Larrea, founder, partner and executive chef of Mezcla restaurant in Montreal.

Eric Reátegui Rocha wanted to venture into the restaurant industry to sell Peruvian-inspired sandwiches. He wanted to participate in the Peruvian food boom.

Mr. Larrea studied at Cordon Bleu DEL PERU and is a consultant in the catering sector. It has 11 years experience in the field. He worked in Lima for Astrid & Gaston and Montreal at Café Méliès, Thai Grill, and Cartel. He became culinary consultant in 2009, and one of his greatest achievements was to create the restaurant Mezcla in 2012. In addition to being a partner at Mezcla, he continues to work there both as a consultant and executive chef.

After consultation with Mr. Rocha, Mr Larrea agrees to create a concept of Peruvian gourmet sandwiches with a touch of Quebec influence.

With their desire to grow and form a company, Mr. Larrea and Mr Rocha associate with David Dumay and Angelo Rocha.

At the opening of the first restaurant Sandouchon in 2014, the only goal of the owners were to maintain a high-quality food with an add-on value to the customer. They wanted even more to establish a new range of flavors for consumers in search of new taste.


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